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i don’t miss you

i miss the inch
before your lips

bee keeping

my heart chose you
then took up
bee keeping
combs verdant
dripping honey onto
scratch biscuit mornings
we are
monks whispering matins
into steaming coffee

myths & legends

is a concept
invented by
a pharmaceutical

we never had paris

his oxfords stroll down
piano key sidewalks
stepping to quarter notes
noir film
thoughts smoldering
behind him in cigarette smoke
and i think
in another life
we would have fallen in love
during wartime


he loved me
the way film
can make death

love story

i wrote it all down
in black eyeliner
on my pillow case

with interest

the passage of time

offers no absolution

for an apology owed

though the debtor’s heart

may forgive

a bill remains past due

gone over

into collections


big trains through small tunnels

it struck me
as funny
that free condoms
handed out in
New York City
had subway maps
on the wrappers
in case you were erect
and desperately needed
to get
to Yonkers

Brooklyn, Florida

I love you
after all
these years,
yes, I love you
after all these years…

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