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the sunrise where you stood

in the morning
when the water from your shower
& cologne airily conspire
for me to miss you
deeply breathing
the sunrise where you stood
holding a shirt you wore
my consolation

closed for the season

you won’t remember
the sound of summer’s voice


he loved me
the way film
can make death

love story

i wrote it all down
in black eyeliner
on my pillow case

with interest

the passage of time

offers no absolution

for an apology owed

though the debtor’s heart

may forgive

a bill remains past due

gone over

into collections


blue ink

falls behind
glass and sand sunset
shadows taller
our love
blue ink
into water

a magic day he passed my way

maybe i could fall asleep if you would sing to me

he said, sweetly

settling under my chin

so i

who refuse to sing

allowed a nat king cole lullaby

nature boy

to fall gently from my lips

that is how i know he is the only one for me

there was a boy…

a very strange, enchanted boy…

they say he wandered very far, very far

over land and sea…


pictures of
young Virginia Woolf
cause me to weep
her features
seem as though
depression was her mother
pain her father
a mouth made to sigh
as if she knew
the moment she was born
she wanted to die

now that my heart falls asleep full of love

now that my heart
falls asleep full of love
it empties itself of horrors held silent
through my dreams
in the night
wounds inflicted at the hands
of a man who was never right
or worthy of sharing my bed
i pitch and scream
crying out to be let go
for justice
for my children
for help
for light
in the end
i endure
i escape
i reclaim my name
i wake
to a miraculous new life

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