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america the dutiful

when we are unwilling
to sacrifice for the greater good
the greater good
becomes the sacrifice

city confidential

i’m guilty
of compartmentalizing
my life
no one will know each other
at my funeral
Robert Stack will narrate
the unsolved mysteries
there will be several unknown
oddly distraught
handsome gentlemen
friends from all over
and family
who will conduct it
like a senate hearing

my lip gloss

every part of you
should taste
of it

no elegy

no elegy

for me, please

i plan to die

with laugh lines

electric bills and birthday candles

it would be all too easy
to allow life
to become a collection of
electric bills and birthday candles
trips to the market
couch bound tuesday nights
not enough for me
i desire adventurous books
sunrises over roman holidays
redemptive music
heroines doe eyed welling
on silvery screens
most importantly
an imperfect lover
whom i love

and yet his smoke will rise up forever

he was
the cigarette
i didn’t have
a match for


i quaked
as he reentered me
he said
i’m sorry…i’m sorry
i told him never
for ecstasy

the sort meant for kissing

he told me
i had the most beautiful lips
heart shaped
the sort meant for kissing
so i showed him
they were capable
of so much more

baseball field in january

your absence
is an empty coffee cup
a baseball field in January
a dead cactus
an unwashed plate
the record player needle
that simply gave up

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