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war by candlelight

amidst the curiosities

of my yet to be packed up

roll top desk

i found a diamond bracelet

you had given me

hiding in one of

the apothecary drawers

it reminded me immediately

how you waged

war by candlelight

instinctively i pulled the pin

on that gauche grenade

lobbing the tacky bauble

into the goose shit encircled pond

behind the house

your weaponry

is not welcome here


detail oriented and self motivated supreme being seeks management position with room for upward mobility

god has failed

to live up to his résumé

since the germinal moments

of the industrial age

yet somehow

he keeps getting

a pay raise

we have forgotten to call our mothers

as the ocean reclaims the land

and our comfort level with it

we will realize in a collective gasp

we have squandered

centuries of invention, blood, and privilege

with human conceit


we have wasted every memory

every idea

every love

by failing the planet


we have forgotten to call our mothers

as we were killing each other



and inflexible




don’t go crying to science

science tried to tell us long ago


so eat your nachos

and barbecued chemistry lab meats

cheer on your gladiator teams

as they bash their skulls together in a coliseum

enjoy the halftime performers as they twerk and bleat


live stream a diversion

drink your wine and craft beer from sustainable bottles


insert artisanal tampons made from the wool of

vegetarian  fed sheep


file your taxes


don’t you look pretty

with thicker, fuller lashes

drop your child off anywhere

so long as you don’t hear their screams


pay for neon sex

on the latest smartphone

with that one last good credit card


swipe the strip or insert the chip

but do it hard,

consumer culture,

more, baby, more


a civilization

blindfolded in agreement

and a few syphilitic mosquitoes

is all the next

mass extinction needs





opposite the sky

for the entirety of my existence

i have wondered why

evangelicals cling so lovingly

to heaven as a tupperware party

and hell as an infinite cesspool of punishment

opposite the sky

…it is for these reasons

they need to believe there is a reward for the suffering humans endure


that there exists a place


tailor made for the evil person thriving amongst us

a place for them


than a village filled with the swollen bellies

of fly covered dying children


than one of hitler’s gas chambers


than a vivisection tent during the civil war

where slave women had there genitals

hacked apart by confederate doctors


than the screams and stench of a chicago

slaughter house in 1879


than the hands of a pedophile


than the greasy mouth of a politician






devil an egg

my stomach growls

for Kentucky cookin’

church pot lucks of the past

made by old pin curled women

in floral dresses

no longer living

laid out

upon Christian hobbled tables

beneath a giant oak tree

no longer standing

baked beans

macaroni salad

fried chicken

pineapple upside down cake

deviled eggs

damned fine eatin’

and believe you me

no one

can devil an egg

like a Baptist

Hey, fella, can you put me up for the night?

some saviors

enjoy their crosses

a bit too much

crashing zeppelin

when a living creature

has an unnatural state

inflicted upon its existence

things rarely turn out well

for the specimen






concentration camps

laboratory foods

pharmaceutical cultures


unhappy marriage




Los Angeles International Airport


the  digital imposition

that is

the internet


yet we can’t stop meddling

with our world


when what remains

of humanity

can no longer see the sun


we will blame pollution

and the microchip


yet it is our own


parasitic instincts


too late to admit

human psychology

was the harbinger

of our own death

the unbearable lightness of shaving


i’m not shaving

my pubic hair anymore

i’m tired of the grow out phase

looking like my pussy

should be a monk

in a medieval


traveling salesman

commit these words

to memory

when the devil comes for you

and believe me

he will come for you

he will not be cloven hoofed

horned scaly

red fleshed fork tongued

with a pointed tail

he will appear on a sunny morning

as the answer

to your prayers

speaking words

you’ve been waiting to hear

all your life

with a loving manner about him


in his manicured hands

a perfectly packed picnic basket

a bottle of wine

a box of jewels

and two plane tickets

to Antigua

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