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two trees were once saplings together

nested in an egg crate they fell in love

until a bittersweet morning when

they were planted far apart in a forest

he edge bound by the ocean

she in the land locked middle

for many years

they could not touch

they could not speak

time passed into grandchildren

but eventually

his roots found hers deep within the earth

now she holds the moon up in her limbs

to thank him


a magic day he passed my way

maybe i could fall asleep if you would sing to me

he said, sweetly

settling under my chin

so i

who refuse to sing

allowed a nat king cole lullaby

nature boy

to fall gently from my lips

that is how i know he is the only one for me

there was a boy…

a very strange, enchanted boy…

they say he wandered very far, very far

over land and sea…

contentment & vine

when you find the corner

of contentment & vine

chaos comes as a dark-eyed lover

yellow cab splashing

through the crosswalk puddle

leaving you nothing but dripping regrets

and the keys to an apartment building

still burning

war by candlelight

amidst the curiosities

of my yet to be packed up

roll top desk

i found a diamond bracelet

you had given me

hiding in one of

the apothecary drawers

it reminded me immediately

how you waged

war by candlelight

instinctively i pulled the pin

on that gauche grenade

lobbing the tacky bauble

into the goose shit encircled pond

behind the house

your weaponry

is not welcome here



my desire becomes primitive

when i consider the way

loving him is more than emotion

it is biological


our own space on the periodic table


i want him

with the parts of me that desire

to nurse children

eat meat

wear fur

find warmth in firelight

especially when

i am beneath him

skin wet

my hands in his beard

watching the muscles ripple

from his shoulders

down his arms


i could remain there

until the next ice age

we have forgotten to call our mothers

as the ocean reclaims the land

and our comfort level with it

we will realize in a collective gasp

we have squandered

centuries of invention, blood, and privilege

with human conceit


we have wasted every memory

every idea

every love

by failing the planet


we have forgotten to call our mothers

as we were killing each other



and inflexible




don’t go crying to science

science tried to tell us long ago


so eat your nachos

and barbecued chemistry lab meats

cheer on your gladiator teams

as they bash their skulls together in a coliseum

enjoy the halftime performers as they twerk and bleat


live stream a diversion

drink your wine and craft beer from sustainable bottles


insert artisanal tampons made from the wool of

vegetarian  fed sheep


file your taxes


don’t you look pretty

with thicker, fuller lashes

drop your child off anywhere

so long as you don’t hear their screams


pay for neon sex

on the latest smartphone

with that one last good credit card


swipe the strip or insert the chip

but do it hard,

consumer culture,

more, baby, more


a civilization

blindfolded in agreement

and a few syphilitic mosquitoes

is all the next

mass extinction needs





crashing zeppelin

when a living creature

has an unnatural state

inflicted upon its existence

things rarely turn out well

for the specimen






concentration camps

laboratory foods

pharmaceutical cultures


unhappy marriage




Los Angeles International Airport


the  digital imposition

that is

the internet


yet we can’t stop meddling

with our world


when what remains

of humanity

can no longer see the sun


we will blame pollution

and the microchip


yet it is our own


parasitic instincts


too late to admit

human psychology

was the harbinger

of our own death

tennis, anyone?

silence eloquence

heroism villainy

martyrdom betrayal

ecstasy disenchantment


all in that first moment

your bones sense

the coming of spring

and you think to yourself

i feel like fucking something


tennis, anyone?



my enduring love for fishnet stockings

Siren Song

the only logical explanation

to my query rests somewhere

within evolution


how to explain the behaviors

of my youth


single celled amoeba


division into

organ systems

due to

lightning striking

mossy rocks

primordial chemistry


pangea with a side of tea


to become an eel


murky creature swimming

with unforgiving teeth


finally to manifest

a mermaid

my beautiful

mother’s daughter


willing pirates lured

by my siren song

plucking their heart strings

until boredom set in

only to drown them

in the sea


it explains

my enduring love

for fishnet stockings

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