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war by candlelight

amidst the curiosities

of my yet to be packed up

roll top desk

i found a diamond bracelet

you had given me

hiding in one of

the apothecary drawers

it reminded me immediately

how you waged

war by candlelight

instinctively i pulled the pin

on that gauche grenade

lobbing the tacky bauble

into the goose shit encircled pond

behind the house

your weaponry

is not welcome here



when a sociopath

says i love you

what they’re actually saying is

that it pleases them

to inflict their twisted personality

upon you regardless of your desires

that they will do so at their leisure

until one

or both of you

is dead

yet they are too sick in the mind

to see it that way

not able to smell their flowers

reek of decay


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