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fainting goat

every day

with him

was the last day

pavlov’s monday

she got distracted mid-orgasm

thinking about a situation at work

and cursed, baffled

that’s fine, she thought

the spacious hierarchy

and building structure will allow for

never walking through

that department again

yellow petals

i walked into our backyard and spoke

to the witch hazel tree this morning

she was the closest woman i could find

beneath a sun that decided to shine

for the first time in a week

witch hazel calms angry skin

soothes redness and inflammation

her fleshy bark turned to me as i told her our story

though she already knew the words

she had felt the earth around her roots quake as i screamed

for the baby i tried to give you who is buried perpetually at our feet

for the day i walked out on you in a restaurant

to not hurt you with my sharpened tongue

i didn’t want to lash out at you for wounds i’m still nursing

that you didn’t inflict

the way you had the nerve to follow me

and when our eyes met

you smiled because you love my damaged heart perfectly

i told the witch hazel tree all of this

her buds bloomed yellow petals for an answer

right in front of me


-i love you, James



across the ohio

when the oxycodone and meth crops fail in kentucky

the country folk flock

across the ohio river into cincinnati

to go to the open air opioid market

people once came to the queen city from the south

to get factory jobs that no longer exist

they were called briar hoppers

we don’t have a name for these new immigrants

other than marginalized, homeless, inmate, and DOA’s

but they’re good at making change

a five dollar bill on the streets of this town

will turn into a baggy of heroin

faster than it will turn

to singles

when it rains in springtime

most days i hate you

but when it rains in springtime

i miss you

nina simone crying that she gets along without you very well

i will never achieve indifference

but neither will you


we’re even


i was born in the poorest county

in the fifth poorest state in the union

though kentucky isn’t truly a state

it’s a commonwealth

where wealth is uncommon

and the only glistening skylines

down in those parts are tombstones

i’ve known for years at heart

i’m an expatriate

who wants no part

of that prime real estate

deep water

life screws with you

as you trudge through it

deep water can look

deceptively shallow to emboldened drivers

the waitstaff hates you

crises lead to off color jokes about

what shampoo the exploding astronaut used

yet they help us cope

cats can be unexpectedly attracted

by the hum of a vibrator

a soul weighs 21 grams

your father cheated but he loved your mother

human suffering is caused by other humans

wisdom is what you get

in exchange for all of it





love is an unsupervised child

with bad intentions

and a chemistry set

embracing needles

age has
inoculated me
to human charm
genuine and feigned
thank goodness

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