literature punk travel writing


i’ve never met

a relationship that

i was incapable of

utterly destroying

trees bent backwards

from the epicenter of the blast

scorched earth salted

in the wake

of my walk-away

spiked heels

3 replies on “hiroshima”

Your narrator should find someone who should be more empathetic. There are relationships that can be transcendent of hydrogen, of protons and electrons. Those are elements but only physical. Not every war must end in annihilation. Not every confrontation need escalate to war. Not every confrontation need to escalate beyond discourse and a waging of opinions and exchanges. There can be competition and conversation, disagreements and discussions. As long as all are accompanied with fine cigars, excellent bourbon, and respect. the world can be healed. One soiree at a time, my dear. Only those who are bent on destruction will, eventually, experience it…

I’m from Kentucky. We do tend toward extremes. As to your assessment, I couldn’t possibly agree more. I think it important to acknowledge futile behaviors, so that they can be rectified. I never want to feel that way again, dear man.

I so appreciate your kindness and your friendship. You keep telling the truth. Your truth, whether factual or impressions. In art, both are valid. I will gladly give exchanges. That is what art is all about. In the end, we both experience more understanding. In the end, we both are changed. In the end, there is more truth found in the discourse and the exchanges than in one view. Truth is always a question, that yields more and greater questions. The “truth” always yields to more truths. and that, dear lady, is what makes life infinitely worth exploring, worth living, worth it all… Thank you for your expressions, your courage, your willingness to put words to your experiences. Thank you for your tolerance when others discuss that which is represented by the metaphors of your experiences. Have a lovely evening and weekend…

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