you know

it is true what they say


your entire life really does

flash before your eyes

the moment before a motor vehicle accident


my film reel cigarette burned

car crash footage

went precisely like this:


i saw my twin sons locked out of the house

in 18 degree weather

upon returning from school

to find their mother nowhere around  & unalive

…this day and for the rest of time


i saw my mother’s face

and thought how i wanted

to touch her downy warm cheek

one more time


i thought about my brother bob

and how i would not live to see him  write

the great american novel


i saw the face of the man whom i am in love with


i thought about how happy i would be to see daddy

at the dinner table in heaven tonight


i saw my friends sarah, marissa, and sean

toasting to my existence


i thought about how grateful i am

to have been given this amazing life


thank you, god, whomever you are


it is i who shall cover you

with a blanket of stars

this night