our neighbors would hate us


it was the moment
i felt the weight of you

that come hither look in your eyes

a crashing instant
when i contemplated
what we would be

we would make antony and cleopatra seem uncommitted

a passion so profound

it would negate my need for panties

i made the decision
not to want you
or the responsibility of your happiness

chose never to be the person
who complains you’re never around

and when you’re home don’t lift a finger

i never want to be your freshest regret

what a perfect disaster we would be

our neighbors would hate us

we would go to home depot

and choose to paint the bathroom an almost puce shade of armageddon

we would watch fatal attraction together and immediately run to ikea

for more lamps and cutlery

scratching vinyl to a screeching stop

speakers and clothing flying

through rattling windows

we’d brawl over a bourbon…

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