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the shape of gaping fish

things have a way
of abruptly
beginning and ending
in cleveland

we were staying
at the ritz carlton
above twisting shoreline
on the city’s
burning river

the bathroom shower
occupying the honeymoon suite
was befitting of
henry VIII’s royal court
or a discriminating
porn star

wall to wall marble
roman pedestals
four golden shower heads
the shape of gaping fish


a bounty of pearl bath beads
and sea shell soaps

he was on his knees
in front of me
the water running
down my body
covering his nose and mouth

when he pulled back
and asked
if i would piss on his face

nothing about my psychology
i urinate on another human being

so i told him

my fingers still in his wet hair

he asked
too sick for you?
i apologize


to each his own
but i choose neither to suffer
or be an agent
of such humiliation

pissing in the shower
just isn’t

2 replies on “the shape of gaping fish”

smile out loud..only you..could maintain the balance of throwing back Kentucky Bourbon
and remaining ladylike in a room decorated for a ‘discriminating pornstar’..

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