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god needs a better publicist

hanging less than a mile away
from the legendary university of kentucky
an institution of higher thought
there is a billboard on new circle road

if you died today
would you go to heaven(surrounded by clouds)
or hell(surrounded by fire and brimstone)

twenty miles further south
just outside lancaster on US 27
there is the shittiest of trailers
perched upon a hill
with signs in the yard that say in red paint
jesus is coming soon(beside a clock)
jesus is the only way!!!

in the bleakest fields of central ohio
there is a sign that reads
hell is real
well, if anyone would believe that
it is certainly a central ohioan

further north you’ll find roadside
the ten commandments

all this reminds me
that divinity lives within us

don’t believe the propagandists
as there is nothing more horrifying
than a human with a motive

and it seems
god needs a better publicist

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