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a frilly valentine to my fellow poets

what you don’t understand
about me and my fellow poets
is that we all share the same affliction
we who travel the country bleeding
are so much more than an online community
we know each other
we have offered our homes to one another
while in town for readings
we’ve shared
and gravy
we’ve cried for each other
we’ve laughed together
broken bones and bread together
we’ve gotten each other back to the hotel room safe
we’ve picked up the tab
we lift each other up
we offer a hand
we knit scarves of cautionary tales
we understand each other’s twitches
each other’s scars
so when one of us is hurt or lost
we all pick up our pens

i love them all
i am honored to have these friends
this family
and a reason to write
a frilly valentine to my fellow poets

3 replies on “a frilly valentine to my fellow poets”

That’s a nice sentiment, unfortunately I’m a closeted writer, I therefore do not associate with our people outside the internet. Think of us folks in the writer’s closet on the next round of debauchery

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