i’d like to pop your culture, baby

let us be honest with ourselves
until pete seeger died yesterday
no one cared that he was still living
and probably couldn’t have told you
whether or not he was still breathing with
any certainty

and the man was a legend
who will transcend for all time

but when a celebrity dies
there is this gratuitous outpouring
on social media
a need to participate in the feigned
community grief

just like the professor on gilligan’s isle

were we holding candlelight vigils for them?

were we sending checks to a hollywood old folks home?

truth be told
absolutely not

because in american culture
between the time you peak
and the time you die
you wither on the vine

we’ll pay attention if you’re arrested
or get caught telling a lie

but from day to day
we couldn’t give a flying fuck
if you’re still alive